today i go on my first journey for ages. while you read this, i’m on my way to hungary. i’m excited as hell and so you should be because (and of course) i’ve got a camera with me. stay tuned, hold on, wish me luck.

all my love by then!

from the shadows of my kitchen: happy birthday


short berlin stop ‘til tuesday. postcard picture included.

can’t decide if school’s out or burning down the house for tonite

studying (2014)

I somehow developed a very personal and quite strange love for this sanatorium-like place in the last ten years, somehow.
So I decided to start documenting this as a relation of place and people between a look back and predictions, somehow. Here’s an impression of my last visit some weeks ago.

well, i had a little chat with these fine young men. read it here.

lighthousing / ship cruising / playgrounding

citrous fruits II

#neues vom pferd

foreign forecourt (2014)

citrous fruits

…are just one of the funny little things that crossed my way some weeks ago at Immergut Festival 2014 or, let’s say, on our journey to neustrelitz.
some more photos will follow these days.

yesterday party hard, therefore post birthday post.
skinny cap ya! every year ya!