#from the archives

DEAN BLUNT (Baustelle, Schauspiel Leipzig)
redefining classical band line ups with new setting of singer, bodyguard, saxofon. not really a concert, more a brainfucking performance with beats.

#made my day

my girls notebook (weekend exile)
redifining automated digitial retouching on my overexposed analogue artefacts. windows 8. so awesome.

balcony IV


balcony III

digital side leap (with a middle finger).

balcony II

(like pink boxes)

today the balcony, tomorrow the world.

reminder: what to do, when there’s nothing else to do.

TONITE: Hauschka with the MDR Sinfonic Orchestra at the Leipzg Opera. So excited, I’m thinking about wearing a bow tie. Or at least an arty scarf.

Read an Interview with Volker Bertelmann (aka Hauschka), I did two days ago for nbhap.com. He talks about prepared pianos and his vision of using the orchestra as kind of a big analogue synthesizer. Good guy!

was still receiving, for months
// start sending now!

hey lovers, hey haters, and hey you i-don’t-care-abouters,

it’s been a while but here I am. back with my boring stories and my arbitrary thoughts and stacks of photos.

for now, take this little illustration and the words i wrote around it. based on an interview with lovely justus köhncke. read it here on nbhap.com and stay tuned for more of this stuff…

today i go on my first journey for ages. while you read this, i’m on my way to hungary. i’m excited as hell and so you should be because (and of course) i’ve got a camera with me. stay tuned, hold on, wish me luck.

all my love by then!

from the shadows of my kitchen: happy birthday


short berlin stop ‘til tuesday. postcard picture included.

can’t decide if school’s out or burning down the house for tonite

studying (2014)